John Walter Civil and Criminal Litigation Attorney

John Leo Walter, Esquire is a litigation attorney. Regardless of whether it’s a Judge trial or Jury trial – whether it’s District Court or Circuit Court – John Walter knows his way around the courtroom. Only an experienced litigation attorney is confident with rules of evidence and how they apply during a trial. Knowing the proper objections to make can be the difference between winning and losing – between money and jail.

Although John Walter has thousands and thousands of hours of litigation experience – he does not rest on his laurels – John Walter reviews and analyzes the most current Maryland Court of Appeals (and Court of Special Appeals) case law on a weekly basis. Mr. Walter also reviews the most recent United States Supreme Court case law and the case law from the U.S. District Fourth Circuit. Mr. Walter knows that practicing law is not a 9 to 5 job – rather, it is a 24/7 job that requires constant reading and analysis.

As we all know . . . knowledge is power. Mr. Walter takes this principle seriously. Mr. Walter knows that knowledge wins cases – he knows that litigation is a war – he knows that litigation is the perfect amalgamation of appearance, knowledge and law – when battling in the courtroom Mr. Walter wants one thing – to win.