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Criminal Law

defense-attorney-840062_1280Eastern Shore Legal® has a reputation for presenting a strong and aggressive defense for each and every client. Its our primary goal to protect the rights of our clients; we do a thorough initial investigation, keep lines of communication open with the State’s Attorney, hold the police accountable for every allegation and file complex Motions and Memorandums when appropriate.

Eastern Shore Legal® represents clients throughout the Eastern Shore (Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset) as well as Anne Arundel and Prince George’s Counties We provide legal representation for all criminal cases including, but not limited to,Traffic Citations, Possession CDS Marihuana and Non Marihuana, DWI & DUI, Possession with the intent to distribute.

We have the knowledge and experience to successfully defend against all types of misdemeanor, felony and other criminal charges. We represent clients in all administrative, district, and circuit courts. Eastern Shore Legal handles DUI and DWI cases (Transp. Code §21-902(a) and (b)) [with all related traffic offenses usually associated with such charges] as well as:

Traffic Offenses / Drunk Driving Losing your driver’s license (revocation or suspension) will have a momentous impact on your life. Eastern Shore Legal® has the skill experience to give complete representation to people arrested or charged with all types of driving offenses and traffic violations: e.g. speeding tickets, driving suspended, driving without a license and drunk driving (DUI / DWI), etc. We will zealously advocate our clients position whatever the charge.

Drug OffensesA conviction on any drug-related offense – be it possession, paraphernalia or possession with the intent to distribute will have life altering implications. Eastern Shore Legal® handles each criminal charge with the goal of a dismissal; if we don’t get a dismissal – we present the Court with the appropriate mitigating factors in order to get the best result for our clients.

Violent Crimes – Violent crimes include those such as domestic violence, murder, assault, and battery.

Felonies –John Leo Walter, Esquire is committed to advocating for all clients charged with any type of felony; including arson, armed violence, carjacking, escape, kidnapping, and theft, robbery and extortion.

Misdemeanors – Eastern Shore Legal® will provide you with a defense on any and all types of misdemeanors, including criminal property destruction charges, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, probation violations, resisting arrest, trespassing, and weapons charges.