Services: Traffic Violations

For more information, visit, a search tool for the Maryland Rules of Civil Proc. and Maryland Annotated Code.

Our office helps people with traffic violations, including, but not limited to, driving while under the influence, driving while suspended and speeding. We provide representation on most Maryland traffic cases. Motor vehicle violations and criminal charges can cost you.

Please call us immediately if you need experienced legal representation in a traffic matter.

We request all potential clients fill out a Traffic Violation Information Sheet.
You also need to bring in, or fax or mail us:

  1. Copies of the ticket and any hearing notice.
  2. A check or money order.

Once the fee paid we will prepare a Letter of Representation to the Court, State’s Attorney and you. We recommend our clients meet with us once prior to the court date.

Representation – What We will do for you.

We will review and research necessary statutes and caselaw, contact the prosecutor, prepare defenses and determine mitigating factors.

  1. Telephone consultation with client;
  2. Office consultation with client, if requested;
  3. Preparation of letter of representation to the Court;
  4. Preparation of letter of representation to the State’s Attorney;
  5. Preparation of statement to provide legal services;
  6. Provide Copies of all correspondence to the client;
  7. Opening of file. If client comes to our office, they  may have a free consultation
  8. Review of necessary statutes and case law;
  9. Determine defense and mitigating factors;
  10. Travel to Municipal Court;
  11. Negotiations with the State’s Attorney and Representation in Court.
  12. Preparation of End of Case Letter and client questionnaire.
  13. Follow up telephone advice;
  14. Hold and maintain file for seven years in storage as free client service.

Other Legal Services.
You and Eastern Shore Legal may make additional agreements to provide for legal services not covered by the Agreement.